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Academic Work

Finding Inspiration in Neuroscience and Medicine

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Miyu Imai graduated with a Magna Cum Laude honors from Harvard University studying Neuroscience and Economics on a pre-medical track, while undertaking a dual degree at Berklee College of Music. Miyu's interdisciplinary studies have provided her with aunique perspective that combines diverse areas such as healthcare, media, and technology.


Throughout her college career, Miyu pursued a pre-medical track, conducting research, volunteering, and immersing herself in the intersection of healthcare media, technology, and economics. While this gave Miyu valuable insights into the world of interdisciplinary healthcare, her true passion lies in leveraging her background and skills to make a broader impact. Miyu loves combining her interests in healthcare, entertainment, and economics.


Individuality in Phototactic Preference in Tethered Adult Drosophila melanogaster

Individuals, even when inbred and raised in similar environments, have variable behaviors. This thesis investigates individuality in Drosophila melanogaster by studying tethered flies walking on a ball. 

Neuroscience Research

As a neuroscience researcher at Harvard University, Miyu has had extensive experience in both wet and dry lab work.

De Bivort Lab

  • Research on drosophila individuality, writing two papers for publication

  • Bayesian antennal lobe circuit analysis: Perform a Bayesian analysis to get the posteriors on different parameters, giving us insight into the ranges of parameter values that result in realistic antennal lobes.

  • Circuit correlates of trial-to-trial variability in odor preference: Build a fly-on-a-ball device, where the fly will express behavior (walking on a ball) in response to delivered odors, all while the brain is accessible for imaging. The device will measure neural activity and behavior simultaneously as a fly encounters odor zones.

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Synesthesia Project

  • Leading member of a major experimental synesthesia project between Harvard University and Tokyo University

  • Led lab experiment at Tokyo University and Miraikan Science Museum

  • Involved in leading experiments to retrieve data and analyzing data. She has collaborated with leading scientists around the world, such as Takao Hensch from Harvard University, Daphne Maurer from McMaster University, Daphne Worker from UBC, Mingle Cai from University of Tokyo

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Leadership and Work

Miyu actively founded and led organizations. Her leadership and professional endeavors reflect a dynamic commitment to driving positive change and making meaningful contributions. With roles ranging from educational leadership to financial management, Miyu showcases a versatile and impactful approach to addressing diverse challenges and fostering positive outcomes.

VR Gamer

Harvard AR/VR Developers

Founding member and executive board

Technology Class

Harvard Emerging Technology Group

Founding member and executive board

Image by Somesh Kesarla Suresh

Dunster House Committee


Image by Snowscat

Refresh Bolivia

Director of Education,

Director of Finance


Miyu's most noteworthy achievements and contributions have garnered well-deserved recognition, with a collection of prestigious awards that underscore her excellence in various fields.

Yanai Tadashi Scholar

Grand scholar based on the academic excellence and extracurricular achievements, which offers a four-year full merit scholarship to attend Harvard University

Milken Scholar

Grand scholar based on the academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, leadership, and global excellence

Magna Cum Laude

High honors at Harvard University for her Neuroscience thesis

Science Olympiad

Gold medal in remote sensing in Tri-State Tournament

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